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Mitsuwa® Super Cordyceps


Size: 60 packets per box; 5 balls per packet.

Suggested Retail Price*: $108.00 CAD

* Prices will vary depending on the retailer.

Take 1-2 packets (5-10 Cordyceps sinensis mycelia CS4 balls) a day with warm water.

Product of Japan

NPN: 80034871

We've all heard that the key to staying healthy is to stay active, but a busy or stressful lifestyle can wear the body down and cause fatigue. Super Cordyceps is your solution to maintaining the endurance you need to take charge of your life. Using an advanced Japanese hot-water extraction method and a patented time-release ball technology, each dose (foil packet) contains five tiny balls with a 5:1 extract that release the Cordyceps essence in a timely manner for maximized absorption.

Cordyceps sinensis mycelium (5:1 ratio) 375 mg / packet
Non-medicinal ingredients: ground soy cotyledon fibre, corn starch, potato starch, glycerol, calcium carbonate
* All ingredients are non-GMO. Contains soy.

Cautions: There are no known side effects associated with Mitsuwa Super Cordyceps, nor any contraindications with other medications. It is recommended that consumers consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if they are pregnant or breastfeeding.


  • Supports lung and kidney health
  • Helps with physical endurance

Ideal For

  • Athletes
  • People with ongoing stress and constant exhaustion
  • People who consume a lot of tobacco or alcohol


  • Contains 100% all natural ingredients
  • Uses a patented time-release ball technology
  • Contains a highly potent 5:1 extract of Cordyceps sinensis mycelium (CS4) per ball
  • Packaged in a foil packet to protect against humidity and oxidation